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Apr 12, 2012
@ 12:03 pm
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Hudson Mohawke x Lunice = TNGHT

This track is called R U Ready. It slams. Here’s a link to the only other track that these two, as TNGHT, have made. I don’t think anybody knows what it’s called yet:


Jan 26, 2012
@ 12:26 pm

I’m fuckin’ with you, cutie-q.

What’s your dick like, homie?
What are you into?

What’s the run, dude?

Where do you wake up?
Tell your bitch keep hatin,
I’m a new one too, huh?

- Azealia Banks, 212


Aug 8, 2011
@ 12:06 pm
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Today is remix day. Here we go, remix numero uno.

Mexans With Guns x Lunice = Sell Your Soul Remix



Aug 3, 2011
@ 4:35 pm
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Lunice - Hitmane’s Anthem

Possibly number two on the list of most fucking awesome bass songs ever (after Wut of course). Sorry, I’m just trying to get the classics out of the way. Huge tune by one of my favorite artists at the moment.

Grab Lunice’s The Stacker Upper and be on the lookout for his next release, #OneHunned.

Also, dude’s got a whole #freedownloads page on his site. Worth it.